A child of God will, when his Father speaks listen,
And in faithful obedience he will glisten;
While others who hear and do not obey,
Will from the Father's presence be sent away.
So how about you -- Are you a follower of Him?
Or do you follow your every worldly whim?
A child of God will love his Father so –
That in no other way could he ever go.
He will never be a wayward child,
And never with a worldly crowd be piled.
He is ever conscious of how he should live,
Always remembering what the Lord for him did give.
A child of God will with his family be found to dwell,
And will serve his Father faithfully spiritual.
The Bible is his only rule of authority,
For it was given to him by the almighty.
There is no other rule to which he can turn,
For they all lead to where man will eternally burn.
A child of God – Oh, how precious to his Father,
For he will never from the will of his Father err.
His example will be faithful and true,
And be one others could look up to.
Where ever you find him, the Father doth know,
You will always find him just so.
A child of God are you one?
I can not understand why not, with all the Lord has done!
You could be cleansed of your sins and be sparkling white,
To stand approved at judgement to enter into God's eternal light.
It is up to you, to decide,
Where in eternity you want to abide.
So if a child of God you want to be,
And want God's heavenly home to see.
Knowing full well that God's Word points the way,
Then why don't you begin following it today?
There is no other way to go –
That leads up above and not down below.