The faith of Abraham was expressed in his every act,
And all through his life it stayed intact.
He is the father of all them that believe,
For like him only the faithful will God receive.
Abraham's faith was accounted to him for righteousness,
And from his seed would God all nations bless.
Abraham by faith, left his home for another place;
This we must do if heaven we want to grace.
He was faithful in his worship to God where ever he went,
He allowed nothing to let him, from it, be absent.
If an altar was not there,
He built one with loving care.
In obedience to God he put his son on the altar,
His faith in God never did falter.
He believed God would keep his promise,
Thus, he was ready, his son, to sacrifice.
He set before us a great example of faith tis true,
But what about the faith that's in me and you?