I want to learn His Word,
By it only, can one's heart toward salvation be stirred.
It alone has God's power to save,
And in bringing it to man -- God -- His Son, freely gave.
Man has yet within God's Word to find a flaw;
Not a single contradiction from it can he draw.
The Spirit of God is found within it's pages,
Keeping the Word pure for all ages.

I want to stand up for Jesus -- Want to know why?
He stood up for me and on the cross did die;
But He arose from death and is now at God's right hand,
In God's eternal and lovely heavenly land.
I'll study to know His Divine Will,
And how to fight evil in whatever vale or high hill.
Yes! I want to stand up for Jesus, that's true --
Look what he's done for me and you.

I want to respect all authority, for by them has God ordained,
That all evil men might be restrained.
Authority whether parental, civil, or Divine;
God always has had man in mind.
Without authority, anarchy will be the results,
And we'll have more divisions and life threatening cults.

Christ forgave others, and this I also must do,
It is necessary, if I expect God to forgive me too.
How can I render service acceptable to God -- The Father;
When I hold an unforgiving attitude toward my brother.
Forgiveness shows I love my fellow man.
And I will do all to insure his salvation that I possibly can.

I want to be a worker for Jesus -- this I want you to know,
For I certainly do not want to enter into that dreadful place below.
I want to serve The Lord and be with Him above,
And live throughout eternity in the presence of His Divine love.
There is much to do in overcoming this man of sin;
And to do so, I must faithfully serve the Lord unto the end.

Now knowing what Christ really means to me,
I can a more faithful Christian be.
Every aspect of my life, before others, will be an example;
Never will they see me on God's Word trample.
May I ever be a radiant source of light,
To help lead others out of sin's dark night.