Now here is a man that will stand out,
A devoted servant of God without a doubt;
He stands above the men of the world,
For Satan has them around his desires all in a twirl.
A Christian man and example of all that is decent and good,
Is one who will always act the way the Bible teaches he should.
The man of the world seeks to please only himself,
And to do this has to put God's Word on the shelf.
The Christian man will not on the church bring a reproach,
And would not the devil's house even approach.
Now the man of the world is just the opposite, you know,
Satan has him so confused that he'd never to the house of God go.
The Christian man is truly a great find,
To all with whom he comes in contact he is one of a kind;
He's truthful and trustworthy and more valuable than gold,
For his desire is to be in God's heavenly fold.
Now the worldly man is probably a good man in many ways,
But his eyes are filled with worldly desires and in them strays;
His joy is the here and now,
Satan has him thinking he is holier-than-thou.
Wouldn't it be great if all mankind pleased God,
And in judgment be given by Him a heavenly nod?
This is possible if from the shelf, he'd take God's Word and give heed,
Then from the clutches of the devil he'd be freed.