A faithful Christian woman is a precious jewel to find,
She will stand out above all woman-kind;
You'll never find her in a worldly minded crowd,
And she will always make her husband and children proud.

She will do good and not evil all the days of her life,
And her husband will give his love only to his wife;
Together – she and her husband – will faithfully toil,
For each will hold the other with a love that is royal.

A Christian woman is like an untouched flower,
That radiates it's beauty every hour;
She is alert to the devil and his vices,
And is not tarnished by his cunning devices.

A faithful dedicated woman is content in her place,
And looks forward to a heavenly home to embrace;
She will faithfully follow God's Word and it portray,
Fearful of being rejected by the Lord come judgment day.