The Church the Lord said He would build,
Was to last down through time until;
The day God has set
To judge whether man, His laws have met.
God has given much more than anyone could expect,
And sent His Word our lives to direct.
He doesn't want anyone to be lost,
So He gave His Son to pay the cost.
By His blood, the price has been paid,
That we might from condemnation be staid.
And if we want the eternal benefit of heaven to receive,
We must in His Word be found faithfully to believe;
Letting it mold and shape our lives,
Removed from all that man contrives.
The Church is to proclaim God's Word without fail,
And not alter it in even a minor detail.
Let us then, keep the Church "as built" by Christ,
Ever remembering for it, he paid the price;
And the Church will be – if we are of the same mind and judgment,
Following only God's Word for it's correct development.
The purity of the church should always be foremost in our mind,
Then at the last day – in us – the Lord will surely find;
That we have followed His Divine plan
And will be received into his eternal heavenly land.