I have been called by many different names,
I've been composed and assembled in many different frames;
My main purpose is to give the local church news,
The wording comes in many styles and views.

All over the world I am sent to people of every kind,
I've carried church news to those of either a weak, or strong mind;
I contain information of various kinds, as well you know,
I try to raise congregational awareness that it may grow.

I tell of meetings, services, activities, sickness and death,
And whatever else the one writing in me saith;
I want to be the best bulletin without a doubt,
But how good I am, depends on who puts me out.

So use me well, the bulletin said,
That the words I carry may be truthfully read;
I wouldn't want to be a part of division or strife,
But I'd be happy to help teach someone the way to a Christian life.

Oh, I know there are some bulletins – good and bad,
And there are some that we never should have had;
So be careful in the use of that pen,
Let me be of good service and I'll say, AMEN.