Should I go?
That is, the church services you know!
I know what will take place,
The preacher will tell of God's saving grace.
I guess, I really should be there,
But why should I, the others don't seem to care.
Those there, will probably be small in number,
But about their faithfulness you do not have to wonder.
I need to be more like them, but you see –
There is a longing within me, somewhere else to be.
Help me, O Lord, that I may faithfully with You stand,
And remove myself from Satan's band.
There are many battles I fight day after day,
And attending the services strengthens me to fight the devil away.
Yes! I'll go and receive all the spiritual strength God will give,
For it's important that I, the Christian life must live.
I know what my decision will be, but what about you?
Will you be meeting with the faithful few?