David from a very young lad,
Manifest more courage than many older men had.
He saved his father's flock from a lion and bear,
While most would have sought a way out of there.
David couldn't understand why God's army did not fight,
But sat in fear before the Philistine giant with fright.
Though ridiculed by his brothers, as he volunteered to face the giant,
Who boldly stood before God's people defiant;
With the blessing of King Saul amidst all the clamor,
David met the giant without any armor.
He hit the giant with one smooth stone to the head,
And the giant fell to the ground dead.
But David showed even more courage in his conflict with King Saul,
Who it seems could not stand David's popularity at all.
David had several opportunities to take Saul's life,
But he would not lift his hand to kill God's anointed no matter the strife.
Would you have the courage before God, to be faithful and true;
No matter what the devil brought before you?