Decisions – decisions – there is always one to make,
And always there seems to be a lot at stake.
Do I do this or that, a choice has to be made,
I hope I've not been by someone waylaid.
I've made some decisions both good and bad,
And about some I am not very glad.
Decisions must be examined from every angle,
Otherwise we will be caught in a tight strangle.
The most important decision is where will I spend eternity,
And I pray it will in heaven be.
This decision -- as do they all
Will determine whether I rise or fall;
So knowing they affect my life in many ways,
I must not forget, that I have but a few earthly days.
Therefore, I must carefully chose,
So that in the end I will not lose.
"Now is the day of salvation", we are told,
Wouldn't it be wonderful to walk the heavenly streets of gold?
You can you know,
If that is really where you want to go.
But you must decide now –
God has sent us, by His Son, how.
And you must follow it faithfully all the way to His heavenly throne,
Do not wait, or your opportunity will be gone.