The Devil is very active trying to pull the Church apart,
And he is very sneaky about it at the start.
He comes in wearing sheep's clothing like one of the flock,
And when he is found out it is quite a shock.
His evil seeds are planted slowly and carefully at the first,
Knowing those that receive it will be cursed.
Faithful and sound men the Church doth need,
Men that will not seek their own ends or selfish greed;
Men that will follow God's Word faithful and true,
And will not turn from that which Christ brought from God for me and you.
Paul said for Timothy to be a faithful worker of God,
He, like all sound teachers, must have his feet in the preparation of the Gospel firmly shod.
The change agents of the devil are all about,
The results of their work -- just look -- there can be no doubt.
The salvation of our souls is at stake,
All the Devil needs is for us just one of God's laws to break.
So check and be sure of that which is taught,
To know the kind of teaching that into our midst has been brought.
The Devil knows the Lord adds daily to the Church such as should be saved,
And he will do all with in his power to see that man's name is not in the Lamb's book engraved.
So be careful and cautious about that which you hear,
Because the Devil and his agents are very near.
The Devil loves to have the mind of man by waves of false teaching tossed,
For in this way he has a better chance to work at man's soul to be lost.
Go to the Scriptures to see if what is taught is so,
This is the only means God has given for us to really know.