Esther had neither father or mother,
Her uncle Mordecai raised her as his daughter.
He had lovingly cared for her as his own,
And now into a beautiful woman she has grown.
The King wanted Vashti's beauty to be seen,
She refused and was removed as queen.
The king now grieved about this circumstance,
Was noticeable distressed in appearance.
Select another , he is told, to take her place,
And let her the queen's place grace.
Virgins from the whole realm were assembled together,
And Esther was selected, found more beautiful than any other.
A wicked Haman sought to kill the Jews,
Mordecai cried and wore sackcloth upon hearing the news.
If this is carried out the whole realm through,
It will include Esther in the palace too.
So Esther courageously in the king's presence doth ascend,
Not knowing whether he will the golden scepter extend.
The king receives her and grants her request,
Mordecai and Esther, with the king's authority, lays the problem to rest.
Haman is hanged on the gallows he made,
This brings to and end his wicked charade.
Esther's courage enables her to meet a problem head on,
Thus, she was able to correct a great wrong.