Gideon recognized God's people were in a bad situation,
And knew someone needed to do something for the Israelite nation.
However, he didn't think of himself as the one
God would use to get the job done.
He, like Moses, tried to excuse himself to no avail,
Only to learn that God's way will prevail.
Gideon was told to cast down his father's altar to Baal,
Even though he was fearful, he did it without fail.
It wasn't possible to do it in daylight,
So he and his servants did it at night.
The men of the city were upset at what Gideon had done
And wanted to kill Joash's son.
Joash said, if Baal was God,
Let him take vengeance on him that on his altar had trod.
The Midianites came against Israel with 1365,000 men,
Gideon army consisted 32,000, a little thin.
But God said that number was too great,
So from them all but 300 did God eliminate.
The power of God now will clearly be evident,
When with only 300, the enemy camp did circumvent.
Gideon was a champion because to God he was obedient,
And from God's will he did not relent..