When to our hearts the Word of God came in,
A new way of life took root and growth begin;
For there is within the Word power,
To guide and lead us every hour.

The Word – if allowed – will our character mold,
Making us an example, to lead others to the fold;
Now we may not at first notice just how great,
But it grows within us, changing our fate.

The Word, of which I speak, came from above,
Sent to earth bearing evidence of God's love;
For it was brought to us by His Son,
There is nothing more loving he could have done.

Love should fill our hearts in that Christ died,
This was the price it took, that from sin we might be pried.
The price having been paid, we can be free from sin's hold,
That we might all be part of the great Shepherd's fold.

The Word tells us what we must do,
If unto the Lord we'd be true;
And if by the Word we live faithfully each day through,
We can be found with God in His heavenly hue.