Yep! When I'm away I truly am missed,
For we do not have a large membership list.
We hope all that are away for a while,
Will return refreshed after traveling many a mile.
But even though many are away,
Services will continue by those that stay.
The Lord's work must continue that's begun,
We must carry out our part as has as the Lord's Son.
There truly is no vacation from the Lord, I must remember.
Services to the Lord continues from January through December.
There are times when refreshing our bodies is a must.
But this needs to be done without worldly lust.
Help us, Oh, Lord, from Thy Word not to roam,
But keep our eyes focused on Thy heavenly home.
So as you trave, remember you are apart of this work.
Many none of us –ever – it shirk.
The sols of those in this community, we must reach,
Giving forth the gospel, the Lord did teach.
Yes, I may be missed as any family member would,
But I'll do my part as every faithful member should.