No man is perfect, as we all well know,
So God sent us Jesus, as a pattern by which to grow.
He taught his disciples the message he brought,
And sent upon them the Holy Spirit to be sure it was exactly taught.
This gospel message as given is pure and true,
And we must not from it make any detour.
Jesus gave a perfect pattern of prayer,
The only kind that God would hear.
It was not in a prayer’s length,
But the simple petition to God for strength.
Jesus’ compassion was manifest to all,
No matter the nation, race, or even how tall.
There was not a single race He had in mind,
Jesus showed his sympathy and compassion upon all mankind.
Jesus was perfect in faithful obedience to God,
He finished all His work without a single contrary nod.
He was forgiveness personified,
As He forgave even those who, him, they crucified.
Jesus’ courage to stand and be obedient to His Father’s way,
Is what we need to have to be the pillar of truth today.
Jesus was a leader that grew in favor of God and men,
He left the only example to follow to heaven.

© J.H. Blackman, Jr