Jonah had sought to flee from God's sight,
He thought down in the ship's hole would be just right;
But God, knew where he was, and made it known,
By the storm that came up and the winds that had blown.

It'll take some doing to straighten him out,
So a great fish was made to bring him about;
This fish swallowed him whole, and deep inside,
Jonah prayed and knew God would hear as he cried.

God had the fish vomit him up on dry ground,
He wasn't the kind of food the fish wanted around.
Jonah was the only man caught by a fish,
That didn't wind up as the main dish.

Jonah finally did what God had said,
Even though he preferred not too – instead;
He had to learn the hard way "God's will be done",
Have you, His will tried to shun?

Want you obey God's Will, with a whole heart?
Remember, God will not be satisfied with just a part.
You know what God wants you to do,
And he may not give a second chance to you!