He was a son greatly loved by his father,
Which caused problems with every brother.
Even Joseph's dreams made his family irritated,
In that he, above them, would be elevated.
One day they sold him as a slave,
And to their father a false report gave.
In Egypt he was finally sold,
Put in charge of Potiphar's household.
The lies of Potaphar's wife caused him in prison to be put,
He thought the final door of his life had been shut.
But Joseph interprets dreams of a baker and butler,
That will open the door to him of the Egyptian ruler.
He interprets Pharaoh's dream of a great drought,
And presents to Pharaoh a plan to turn it about.
Pharaoh makes a decree,
That gives Joseph the authority,
That through the years of plenty,
He may carry out his plan to save the lives of many.
His brothers come to him to buy food,
They do not realize that it's their brother before them that stood.
Ultimately Joseph reveals himself to them,
He holds no grudge and does not condemn.
He is forgiving for all they've done,
And forgives them all, each and everyone.
Let us learn from Joseph – all things work together for good,
To them that look to God and let Him have His way as He should.