The Church was built by Christ
And His blood paid the price.
The Lord has truly for us done so much,
In calling us out of the Devil's clutch.

Every member of the Church has been purified,
Freed from the bondage of sin, never more to abide.
To free us from sin was why Christ died,
That one day we may in the heavenly home reside.

The Church must the gospel proclaim,
Never in this to shirk or to disdain.
The gospel – to all mankind – we must take and go
And every member has this responsibility you know.

The world about us is dying in sin
And many of us have yet to even begin.
Many of us are complacent and idly sit by,
While a few respond to the world's pleading cry.

Are you thankful that Christ died for you?
Do you show forth that you'r faithful and true?
There are so many ways we can manifest our love
For the gracious gift God sent from above.

We have entered the race and did start,
May God give us strength to do our part;
Do not stop short – run the race well,
For many there be, the gospel yet to tell.

The Lord wants us to be obedient to His commands.
He expects us in the gospel to firmly stand.
Dear Lord, help us not Thy Word to forsake,
And in it's place, the doctrine of man intake.

From the cunning of the Devil let us ever flee,
And may we never forget that we are to please Thee.
Dear Lord, we will serve Thee and faithfully stand,
For we seek to be with Thee in Thy heavenly land.