I am not the judge of how you must conduct your life,
Yet there are God given rules of guidance through this worldly strife;
But now, my life …that I must give a lot of though,
For I must not live my life for naught.

The life I live should be wholesome and good,
In pleasing God, there is none other that would.
Living God's way is the only life for me,
Especially if I, the heavenly home want to see.

Satan places many stumbling blocks in my way,
Not just now and then, but constantly every day.
Satan uses our lusts to draw us into his conniving trap,
So I must stay alert and not take a nap.

Temptations about me are great – Satan could easily win,
And if I am not cautious – I could easily sin;
But with God's love, mercy and grace,
He helps me stay clear of the devil's embrace.

And so, at night, when I go to bed,
I have no concerns, fears or dreads;
For I, as best I could, have lived my life faithful and true,
And I'm ready to meet the Lord – ARE YOU?