Nehemiah was a man, plain and ordinary,
But he willingly did what was necessary.
He just could not sit idly by and cry,
He prayed to God and on Him did he rely.
The report from Jerusalem was very depressing,
All because God's people in sin had been transgressing.
The king noticed how sad he was and asked, why?
And Nehemiah said, the city and sepulchers of his father in waste doth lie.
He asked for permission to return to Jerusalem,
That he might correct the problem.
All that was requested the king supplied,
Nothing that was needed was denied,
Sanballat and Tobiah were grieved,
That someone sought the Jewish plight to be relieved.
No matter what was tried to stop the work to rebuild,
The people did not give up, till all the tasks were fulfilled.
With Nehemiah leading the work,
No one had a mind from it to shurk.
They had a ready heart to pray,
And hands ready to fight each and every day.
The people rejoiced at what was done,
And renewed the covenant that they had shun.