Paul referred to himself as the chiefest sinner,
Yet in the service of God he was a great soul winner.
Paul's conscience was clear in all that he held dear,
He was a Hebrew of Hebrews and in Jewish service had no peer.
He was dedicated and steadfast to what he believed was right,
And sought to fulfill it with all his might.
The suffering and persecution inflicted upon Christians by him,
Would soon be changed for he'd be one of them.
The Lord began a change in Paul's life on the Damascus road,
And soon there after from him the Lord's Word flowed.
As a missionary he eagerly proclaimed God's Word,
And in the letters he wrote many a heart in service is stirred.
The Lord had said he'd suffer for His sake,
And he did, and never a complaint did make.
He was ready and willing to preach to Jew and Gentile,
And did so in a humble, yet forceful style.
Churches were established and numbers grew from his preaching,
Lydia and the Philippian jailer were two converted by his teaching,
Paul said, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me",
And in this strength enabled others the Lord to see.
Yes, a true champion in evangelism was Paul,
His teaching and writings have strengthened us all.