Peter was not a man of much education,
But he was a man of the fishing profession.
He was brought to the Lord by his brother Andrew,
Who already the Lord knew.
Peter's life was one minute up and the next it was down,
It was difficult to guess which way he'd be turned around.
He learned many lessons the hard way,
He was stubborn with a selfish streak like many today.
He slept when he should have been awake,
Learning later this let's the enemies of Christ great in roads make.
He could have walked on the water longer,
If he had focused his eyes on the Lord stronger.
He denied the Lord, cursed and swore,
Only to learn the Lord knew him well, and he wept sore.
Though unstable, he as a Christian grows strong,
And becomes the one on Pentecost to speak before a huge throng.
The keys of the kingdom by him open the door,
Through which, people freed from sin, may enter and live every more.
Peter grew as a Christian to serve the Lord,
And handled well the Lord's Spiritual Sword.
We, like Peter, can spiritually grow if we try,
But it must be done before we die.