Dear Lord, I thank Thee for the privilege of prayer,
And the comfort to know Thou art ever there;
Be it in time of plenty or in great need,
That when I pray Thou wilt give heed.

I study the Bible – Thy message for me,
For in it is contained salvation’s plea.
In prayer I place my petition before Thee,
That which rests upon my heart so heavily.

There is so much for which I am thankful,
And how Thou has blest us all so bountiful;
May I ever be mindful of Thy love for man,
And that we need to show our love to Thee as a Christian.

I pray not for myself alone, but for all of mankind,
And would that they all would one day be Thine.
I Thank Thee for Thy kingdom and in it being a citizen,
And pray that all I do will be genuine.

Prayer brings me closer to God each day,
And the closer I am, the more difficult to be pulled away.
Prayer helps keep my mind on an even keel,
And only before Thee, O Lord, will I be found to kneel.

We are so thankful, dear God, for Thy Son on the cross,
For without His sacrifice, we’d miss heaven, such a loss;
Christ is our only access to Thee,
It’s through Him we must go, if in heaven we want to be.

© J.H. Blackman, Jr.