Prayer will bring us closer to God each day,
And the closer we are – the more difficult to be pulled away:
Prayer helps keep my mind on an even keel,
And only before the Lord, will I be found to kneel.
We are thankful, Dear God, for Thy Son on the cross,
For without His sacrifice, we'd all suffer great loss.
Christ is our only access, Oh, God, to Thee,
It's through Him we must go, if in heaven we want to be.
What a comfort to know that God is always there,
And ready to listen to a Christian's prayer.
However, as John 9:31 has said, that for God to hear my word,
I must be a worshipper of God, and be a doer of His Will or Word.
For as God has made possible my correct choosing,
How can I call on Him in prayer, when I have neglected His doing?
Since He has given me His Word, to remove all doubt --
When, it I follow -- I will not from His heavenly home be left out.