I thank Thee, Lord, for Thy Holy name;
May I never on it bring shame.
The life I live should to Thee bring glory;
May my life not be found a shameful story.
The precious gift of Thy Son on the cross;
Is evident of Thy love, that my life should not be a loss.
Help me, O Lord, to know what to do;
Especially in how to follow Thy Word through.
The power of salvation is in Thy Holy Word;
May by it my heart ever be stirred.
The world beckons me to walk in the "Broadway" of error;
While Thy Word beckons me to walk in the way "Narrow".

I need Thy help, O Lord, that I do not fail;
For in this physical house of clay I'm weak and frail.
The temptations about me truly are great;
Help me to overcome them, lest I come before Thy throne and waited too late.
I know there is only one that has come from God to save man;
There is none other – even if one tried – that can.
Help me to walk in life to please only Thee;
That others may – YOU – in me see.
For I know the only way I can be with Thee in Heaven;
Is to let Thy Word fill my life like leaven.
I thank Thee for what Thou has already done;
But I need Thy continuing help to faithfully run.
An now, O Lord – Thy will be done – in my heart;
May I never all Thy Word from it to depart.