From the preacher's mouth the Word of God did flow,
The words brought forth a message we all need to know;
The message was from God's Holy Word the Bible,
And he must with care God's message not stifle.

The Word of God must be rightly divided, the apostle Paul said,
Or the consequences of mishandling it, a preacher will dread;
A perverter of the gospel will be accursed,
While untold millions will die of spiritual thirst.

The preacher must remember, his message came from God above,
It was sent to the world by His Son with unending love;
Christ was faithful in what His Father sent him to do,
And the preacher must be sure what he says is faithful to it and true.

Preaching God's Word can make one spiritually correct,
The application of which, ensures one will not be found with a defect;
So a preacher must preach the word as it contains God's saving power,
For it is needed to guide and lead us each and every hour.