"What can I say to my child", said a parent;
"To help him at school in his studies to be diligent"?
In answer to the parent's concern,
This I wrote about their child and his need to learn.
School has begun again,
And that means Summer is about to end.
So back to classes all the children back to school will go,
To develop skills and mentally grow.
Hoping to use these as a means --
To help them achieve their dreams.
Vacation time is now over and gone,
So back to the books we go with a groan.
But what we learn, will stay with us long
After the school days are past and gone.
So become not negligent to do your best,
For that which you've studied will help on every test.
Set a Christian example at school in all that you do,
Do not follow the crowd led by the devil and his crew.
Let your Christian light shine bright to all you meet,
And refrain from doing anything indiscrete.

With all my love,

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Note: The above poem may be used by you , as a parent, with my permission