They will proclaim only God's Word faithful and true,
A faithful Gospel preacher will do this all his life though.
We thank Thee, dear God, for these that teach us the right way,
For they have strengthened us to be an example of Truth every day.
Their sound Gospel message helps us to be steadfast both day and night,
That we might correctly be guided through this life aright.

A sound Gospel preacher will not be swayed this way or that,
But he will faithfully in God's Word stand pat;
He will not with the denominational world teach a gospel compromised,
Standing firm in exactly what only God has devised.
Mankind wants (First Timothy 4:3), what pleases them only for a preacher to say,
Yet, in Luke 6:46, is recorded: "Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?"

The Church needs preachers that will preach only God's Word;
That will not allow anything to cause them from it to be stirred.
Preachers that with longsuffering and doctrine will reprove, rebuke and exhort;
That have "rightly divided the word of truth" and not the least bit come short.
We need more sound gospel preachers to teach the Word for the harvest is ready white and the laborers are few;
Pray that men will continue to proclaim God's Word faithfully, and not be as some, that have with denominations made a switcheroo.