There goes that clock – What an alarm!
It certainly does not have a welcome morning charm;
But it's great to awaken to a beautiful day though,
And there is so many places I'd love to go.
The temptation to forget it's Sunday is really great,
But up and to church services – I must not be late.
Worshipping God – There is no other way to start the week,
Than to be with God's people and more of His knowledge seek.
The spiritual strength of God's family is a must,
If I'm to grow stronger in faith and in His Word trust.
The Lord's Supper brings remembrance of His loving sacrifice;
For He gave His life for me – such a price.
How can I be so noncommittal,
And from my heart, in return, give so little?
The songs we sing are full of admonishment and teaching,
Coupled with God's Word, by faithful men soundly preaching.
The access of prayer. through Christ, is open,
And only by me will this access be broken.
The strength gained when the body of Christ comes together,
Will enable me to stand firm in any evil weather.
So when your clock awakens you next Sunday morn,
Arouse yourself and without a single mourn;
Prepare yourself and the assembly do not forsake,
Time is short and you could very easily be too late.