The Bible is God's book,
It's a written record of all that man has forsook;
And if man fails in it's teaching to return,
He will in God's hell fire eternally burn.
In the beginning all was well and good,
But man's obedience to God was not as it should,
And another voice was followed that led him away,
The results of which we see about us everyday.
God through angels, prophets and finally His only Son,
Has shown us the way to heaven in His Bible - which is only one.
We are not to alter It's Words or change It's meaning,
Or we'll miss the only heavenly path we are seeking;
For no man, said Christ, comes to the Father but by me,
And if some other way you follow - it will lead you to Satan and forever be.
Paul warned us of perversions in Galatians you know,
Then why give heed to that devised by man as an alternative way to go?
We are cautious in the worldly things that we do,
Yet fail to check and see if the way we are following to God is true.
Check that, which you read as the Bible, when it gives an uncertain sound,
For you need to be sure that the way you are going is heaven bound.

© 2000, J.H. Blackman, Jr.