The home is not just a place to live,
It's a place where parents constantly give –
For a home should be filled with love,
Like God has shown from His home above.

It's here where God's Word is taught to a child's heart,
By parents who realize they have a responsible part;
For the seeds planted in their children's young heart today,
Will be the power to help guide it down life's way.

Here is where godly parents follow God's Will,
Living it daily so as to instill --
An example of what God's Will doth provide,
In hopes they will be shown as a misguide.

A happy home is a beautiful thing,
When governed by principles – God's Son did bring;
Help me as a parent, Oh, Lord, to keep Thy Word exact,
And never let me from Thy principles detract.

Parents and children should desire to be at home,
Never in worldliness be found to roam;
Home is where parents and children lovingly embrace,
And not with others upon it bring disgrace.