Have you thought about your life much today?
I have and time is fleeing away.
There is not much time left for me to let go by,
For The time will come when I must die.
I must make ready for that special time,
When I will give account of all that was mine.
God has entrusted so much to me,
And I have rarely expressed to Him, Oh! How I thank Thee:
For the parents that cared for me in life,
And for my home and lovely wife.
For a family that has stood beside me through think and thin,
And that yet encourages me time and time again.
God's Word has been my guide,
And upon it, I've heavily relied.
For without it I could not with all of life's problems cope,
It has opened the door of life and let in rays of hope.
Forgive me, Oh, Lord, of all that I've done wrong,
Help me to faithfully be with Thee, where I belong.
May I never with evil be found to roam,
For I seek to enter into Thy Heavenly Home.