Have you ever wondered what love is all about?
Have you ever had feelings about someone amid clouds of doubt?
Love is beyond affection and more sincere;
It is a deep caring and concern for another, that one holds very dear.
It is manifest by actions of service and care,
From someone that will always be there.
God loved us and gave His Son that we might be freed from sin;
That in an obedient spiritual birth we might in newness of life begin.
Such a price Christ paid,
While man was so deep in sin laid.
Christ on the cross suffered, bled and died,
While the world shed not a tear, or cried;
Not appreciating God's Divine and precious love,
Sent down to unthankful man from above.
Jesus still loves us very much you know,
For He knows our trials and temptations we face here below;
Seated by- God's throne – on the right,
We through Him can approach God day and night.
Christ told His disciples He went a place for them to prepare,
That those who followed His Word could be there.
God's love was then, now, and forever more,
And through Christ -- to Him -- we have an open door.
This love of God is beyond descriptive words,
But into obedient hearts by it man may yet be stirred.
The love manifest by Jesus Christ,
Is described by His actions and tremendous price.
The love of God, may it we ever find,
Among the worldly mind thinking of mankind.