Yep! It's that time of the year again,
And people are coming and going at the least little whim.
It is good to break away from things for a while,
But we must be cautious of living a worldly life-style.
Always keep in mind there is no vacation from the Lord,
And all that We do must be free from any discord.
Yes! It is all right to have fun and be at ease,
But remember to spend some time on your knees.
Even the Lord took time to eat and rest,
Our bodies need this to function at their best;
But remember that worldly exercise is profitable for little,
And with worldly things we must be noncommittal.
So where ever you go, and what ever you do,
Always to the Lord live faithful and true;
For the devil is watching us – each and every one,
To tempt us to leave the path set forth by God's only Son.