The harvest is ready white,
And workers are needed day and night.
The ready workers are just a few,
And we could use more than this small crew.

A worker needs to be dedicated to God,
His feet with the Gospel firmly shod.
One that will always to God's Word be faithful and true,
And not some false doctrine pursue.

The Scriptures he must learn to use
And never the simple teachings of Christ lose.
Rightly dividing the Word of God is a must
To keep it exactly as Christ brought it to us.

He must have both a love for God and man
To teach others God's heavenly plan.
How about you helping in this work?
How many souls will be lost if you from it shirk?

Do not let this harvest go to waste,
Time is short and you must make haste;
If you in judgment want to pass God's test,
And enter into His heavenly rest.

He that reapeth receiveth wages
And gathereth fruit unto life's eternal ages;
That he, the Word, doth soweth,
May rejoice with him, that into the harvest goeth.