The following poetry is part of an ever increasing number of poems that I have written over the years. This assortment of poems pertain to the Bible and hopefully will have many more to be yet added to it as time permits.

These poems may be used in connection with Bible classes, sermons, bulletins, funerals and other written material. The only request that I make is that when used proper credit be given to me as the author.

I have but one desire and that is, that all which has been written be true to the Word of God and in the words of the Apostle Paul, "…Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God" [I Corinthians 10:31].

A Contrast: Christian Man & Worldly Man
A Child of God
A Child of God
A Christian Woman
Abraham's Faith
An Elder's Prayer
Another Year Gone By
Because Jesus Died For Me
Church Bulletin
Church Services
David's Courage
Esther: Champion of Courage
Gideon: Champion of Obedience
God's Word
Growth Depends On Service
I Had A Good Mother
I Was Missed
In Memory of a Soul
Jesus The Perfect Example
Jesus God's Son
Joseph's Forgiveness
Lest We Forget
Meditations of a Preacher
Moses And Leadership
Nehemiah: Champion Builder for God
Paul: Champion of Evangelism
Peter: Champion of Christian Growth
Prayer (2)
Preaching The Word
Something To Think About
Sound Gospel Preachers Needed
Sunday Morning Services
The Bible
The Devil's Change Agents
The Final Exam
The Greatest Father of All
The Home
The Life I Live
Time Is Wasting Away
To Mom on Mother's Day
True Love
Vacation Time
Virtuous Woman
Will The Lord Find The Church "as-built" By His Plan?
Words And Actions
Worker For The Lord